Class of 2019


Statewide School Breakfast Champion


Congratulations to Donna Pat Huntsman and Joseph Cosby, who brought home the Statewide School Breakfast Champion Award from Allen County Scottsville High School in Kentucky's School Breakfast Champion Challenge! They took on the challenge of doubling the number of high school students being served breakfast by implementing a second chance breakfast. Now, they serve over 600 breakfasts each day.

Joseph Cosby, the principal, rearranged the block schedule so teachers could keep instructional time and students would still have time to eat the most important meal of the day. Donna Pat and her team more than doubled the amount of students who were eating breakfast.

Together, this #schoolbreakfast dream team realized that many of their students weren't hungry as soon as they arrived to school, so they decided #secondchancebreakfast was the way to go. Now their students still receive breakfast later in the morning.

Allen County Scottsville High School won a $2,000 equipment prize pack from The Dairy Alliance and a celebration event from No Kid Hungry Kentucky.


School Leadership Award

Dawn is the principal at Sebree Elementary and was nominated by multiple individuals from her county. Every year, she completes the 6 hour training that every school nutrition staff member must take in order to serve meals in the Kentucky School System so that she may also help her nutrition staff serve meals. This is in addition to the regular demanding duties of a school principal.

Every morning, Dawn runs the breakfast cart near the gym where she learns each child's name and greets them as they come in the door.

Dawn won a $2,000 equipment prize pack from The Dairy Alliance for her school and a personal prize pack from No Kid Hungry Kentucky.


“Rising Star” Award

Lashonda Cooper, is the our "Rising Star Award" in Kentucky's School Breakfast Champion Challenge! LaShonda is a part-time cafeteria manager who is very deserving of her recent promotion to full-time cafeteria manager. She works hard to ensure that breakfast options are offered that students enjoy and makes sure students have more opportunities to eat breakfast at school by helping to offer a 2nd chance, grab and go breakfast.

"Lashonda takes such pride in food that she serves. It helps the kids to participate more - Lashonda will also say, "C'mon you need to eat!" I think it comes from a whole love of children." - Jan, School Nutrition Director

LaShonda won a personal $100 amazon gift card from No Kid Hungry Kentucky.




Mike and his crew are a huge part of Harrison. In the mornings, they make sure that every student has the opportunity to have a great breakfast. He has fun with his students, and encourages them to do their best. His school serves Grab-n-Go breakfast to a common area.

Randi loads a cart up for breakfast at Scott County High School every morning and wheels the cart to Cardinal Academy. She leaves extra breakfast for students that are running late. She takes a personal interest in each one of our students and knows them by name. During lunch, our students have to go to the high school an go through her line to punch in their numbers. Once again she always friendly and communicates with them. She has built personal relationships with many of our students. All of our students are free and reduced lunch and she makes sure none of them go hungry. She is an outstanding employee and should be considered for a breakfast champion.




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